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„Our next stop was the outskirts of Frankfurt for a delightful house-concert in the home of Dietmar and Karin Bloech and their two charming kids. Decked out with sheep-skins, with a cow-hide for a stage, and rammed with friendly Frankfurters, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were rewarded before our departure in the morning by a present from Henning, in the form of a monster’s face to stick in the front of the van. Thanks to the lot of you for such a great night.“

- Jez Hellard & the Djukella Orchestra (03/2014)

„Dietmar & Karin - You were a champion for anchoring Germany on the tour early and I had an absolute blast playing for your friends at the house concert! Thank you so much for everything - you went above and beyond!“

- Natalie Gelman (06/2015)

„Dietmar and Karin are such

great hosts! They make you feel welcome months before the concert date with lots of clear and easy communication. The set up in the room is a great and I felt lucky to have an upright piano to play too! The audience was terrific - listening attentively and

participating when it was time to chime in!

Really enjoyed this show - I hope to be back!“

- Natalie Gelman (06/2015)

„I had a great experience performing at Cowhide House Concerts. Dietmar and Karin were wonderful hosts and it was a special night. The concert was organized and professional from start to finish. The audience was very attentive and the room sounded just right unplugged. I hope to return to Cowhide HC in the future.“ - Adam Burrows (11/2016)

„Had a really great time playing here! Everyone was very friendly, incredibly hospitable, and the audience was delightful. Had just been in Berlin playing in bars and not selling much merch - this house concert broke the bad streak! Dietmar is also awesome about emailing back promptly and is very thorough in his communication. Highly recommend. We're already planning my next visit!“

- Eliza Rickman (06/2015)

„Dietmar and Karin are outstanding humans! It's actually really hard for me to write this review because l have too many nice things to say about them. They were our first stop after landing at the airport, welcomed us with a lovely German breakfast, make us feel like family (including my mom!), are extremely organized with their host duties, provide excellent lodging, point us to the best repair shop we can find when we need it … I can go on and on and on! They are in the "when hosts become good friends“ category to us :) So much love!“

- Danika & The Jeb (12/2019)

„Dietmar and Karin are true music-lovers and consummate hosts. The weekday concert was intimate but full of energy and enthusiasm. The living room was nicely appointed and accommodated us and the guests perfectly. We enjoyed hanging out with everyone before and after the concert, and appreciated the delicious pot-luck, which took into account our preference for gluten-free meals. We look forward to staying connected with these hosts and their lovely series in years to come!“

- Genna & Jesse (02/2017)

„We can't say enough how warm and hospitable Dietmar and his family are. This was our first concert of the tour and they allowed us to come a day early to get

settled in. The accommodations were great

and the food amazing! Karin even got Jeb his favorite white sausage! The audience at the concert was wonderful... Great listeners, interacting when asked, and we made many new German friends! We highly recommend Cowhide Concerts!“

- Danika Holmes and Jeb (03/2016)

„Our First Ever House Concert - Last night was a super night hosted by two gorgeous souls Dietmar & Karin! Fairy lights, tasty pot luck dinner & some rootsy unplugged tunes! A beautiful crowd and a fun evening had by all!“

- Elles Bailey (03/2017)

„I had a lovely time with Dietmar and his family. They put together a lovely evening with a great group of people and go the extra mile to help and support artists. Great communication too. Can’t wait to go back.“

- Lindsay May (05/2018)

„The next day we continued on from Darmstadt to Schwalbach where we were greeted by Dietmar and Karin of Cowhide House Concerts, and we spent a really nice evening at the gig with their guests. They're running such a great house concert project!“

- Rob Moir (06/2016)

„We had a great time at Cowhide House Concerts and can whole heartedly recommend it to anyone touring in Germany! Everything went smoothly from start to finish - the audience was engaged and generous and the hospitality was wonderful. Dietmar and Karin are great hosts, passionate supporters of indie artists and very kind people, we're looking forward to seeing them again soon!“

- The Whispering Tree (11/2019)

„Huge thanks to Dietmar and Karin for wonderful hospitality, gorgeous dinner and breakfast, surprise presents (see photos posted yesterday of my new Cowhide House Concerts T-shirt along with the chocolate lollipop I found on my pillow) and lots of good company and conversation.“

- Sarah McQuaid (03/2023)

„Playing at Cowhide House Concerts in Germany was an absolute delight. The intimate space exuded coziness, providing the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable night of music, laughter and storytelling. The hosts were not only incredibly accommodating but went above and beyond to ensure every aspect of the event was seamless. The audience was remarkably attentive and engaged, making the performance truly special. The potluck dinner was a delicious highlight, fostering a sense of community and warmth. Cowhide House Concerts epitomizes hospitality and dedication to fostering meaningful connections through music. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and look forward to returning to this exceptional space to see my new friends, Karin & Dietmar.“

- Joe McLeod (03/2024)

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